Featured Image for Bergen's Promise Recognized for Response to COVID-19 by CSOC NHA Super-Users

Bergen's Promise Recognized for Response to COVID-19 by CSOC NHA Super-Users

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Even in times of crisis, members of our Bergen's Promise team are still sharing powerful information. Director of Care Management, Crystal Wytenus, presented at a virtualmeeting for Children' System of Care (CSOC) Nurtured Heart Approach (NHA)super-users. They hold quarterly meeting with NHA trainers certified through the grant. During this meeting, Crystal spoke with them about using the Nurtured Heart Approachwhile providing Wraparound. She alsospoke a bit aboutBergen's Promiseresponse during COVID tomaintain supportof the families we serve.

The feedback to thispresentation was incredible positive:

  1. "I’m so impressed and grateful with how quickly and comprehensively Bergen’s Promise took action to provide support and resources to families..... AND doing that while staff are taking care of their own needs and managing their own fears."
  2. I'm amazed at everything you are doing, trying to keep people connected and positive! You are in the heart of the danger zone. Being aware, Standing strong and keeping the positivity going."
  3. "The demonstration of leadership shown by you and Bergen's Promise is so crucial during this time to provide a sense of hope and safety to your staff and families."
  4. "Bergen's Promise is a leader in very trying time being in the crux of a crisis. Kudos to you and your team!"
  5. "Bergen's Promise has really utilized transparency, communication and thoughtfulness to remain connected!!"

If you or your organization wants to learn more about how you can instill the Nurtured Heart Approach at home or work pleasecontact us!