Featured Image for Bergen's Promise Supports World Suicide Prevention Day

Bergen's Promise Supports World Suicide Prevention Day

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Today, September 10th, we recognize World Suicide Prevention Day. For us at Bergen’s Promise we must not only focus on awareness of Suicide today, but every day. We continue to work with many youth and families that have struggled with the idea of suicide or the loss of someone due to suicide. Youth ages 15-19 are particularly at risk, however it is a pressing concern for all of us and the Children and Families we serve. What is especially important to emphasize is that "You are not alone!". We want to eliminate the loss of life as well as the emotional stress and trauma to survivors. Be aware of the signs, and pay close attention, especially at this time when stress factors are so very high.

We have created a Bergen ResourceNet page dedicated to Suicide Prevention. We hope that putting Suicide Prevention into the spotlight can have a positive impact and get those struggling the help they need. This page is filled with helpful local and national resources. Please share this with others. It could make a big difference in saving someone's life!