Connecting with Our Communities Teen Service Project!

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Calling Scout Leaders, Faith Based Youth Ministers, Teachers, Parents -- all those overseeing teen groups of aspiring film makers, artists, musicians, actors, advocates and/or future business leaders!

TEENS get your friends, clubs, scout, ministry groups involved in a "Connecting with Our Communities Service Project" for National Mental Health Month to help raise awareness of the teen mental emotional health and the local resources available to support youth and their families.

Project guidelines:
1. Identify, research, and define a position on an issue that negatively impacts teen mental/emotional wellbeing.

2. Use to identify an organization/agency that offers services, programs, treatment, supports for teens with the chosen issue (excluding individual clinicians).

3. Schedule a visit to the organization to learn about their services firsthand

4. Get Creative! Prepare an awareness campaign to inform other teens and their families about the chosen issue and organization (PSA/commercial, social media campaign, music video, art, performance, etc.) Note: Multimedia presentations should be no longer than 7 mins in length.

Let's Talk About It!
Projects will be spotlighted throughout May for Mental Health Awareness month.

Project submission deadline: Monday, April 30

Click here for more details, printable flyer and sign up today!

Project developed by the Children's Interagency Coordinating Council (CIACC) of Bergen County in recognition of May is Mental Health Month PROUD TO BE STIGMA-FREE