Featured Image for Mental Health Month Week 3: Using Strengths and Interests as Healthy Coping Outlets

Mental Health Month Week 3: Using Strengths and Interests as Healthy Coping Outlets

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Part of maintaining mental health is establishing healthy coping strategies. While we are home bound during this COVID-19 pandemic, consider how our unique strengths, hobbies and interests can provide healthy outlets for our stress and anxiety.

Learn how some Bergen’s Promise youth have used their strengths and passions as healthy coping outlets.

  • Computer Skills - Seth is a 15 year old boy living with Autism who has an interest in watching and making YouTube videos. His Child & Family Team introduced him to ‘GameU’ which taught him how to code among other computer related skills.This involvement introduced him to other youth that share this same interest. Below is a video CREATED BY SETH that highlights his experience with Bergen's Promise.

  • Physical Fitness –Brothers X’Zavior and Zachariah, 9 & 11 years old, respectively, have been tied to their devices and experienced a dramatic reduction in physical activity due to the constraints of COVID-19.Their Bergen’s Promise Health & Wellness Educator introduced them to a free app called “Wokamon”. This app functions as a pedometer that helps grow a virtual pet.The pet’s thriving depends on the amount of the user’s physical activity. The boyshad to walk around, jump around, etc. to hatch the egg and help the pet grow. The boys have been more actively engaged in their meetings, smiling and laughing as they are eager to show how big their pets have grown at each meeting.


  • Art – Jennifer is a 13-year-old girl who struggled with anxiety and low self-esteem. Her passion and strength of painting served as her coping and relaxation tool “I used to be in my head a lot, painting helped to silence those thoughts in a way” said Jennifer. Her artwork has been displayed at a variety of places and events, includingBergen’s Promise 15th Anniversary Open House. She is exploring how she can use her artistic talents and passion for furthering her education and/or exploring business opportunities by selling her artwork.

We encourage you to use your passions, hobbies, strengths as a natural coping and relaxation tool!

If your child is struggling with identifying and utilizing their own coping skills, get started today with the Children's System of Care and Bergen's Promise by contacting PerformCare at 1-877-652-7624