Featured Image for Spirit Week at Bergen's Promise

Spirit Week at Bergen's Promise

Monday, February 10, 2020

During the week of February 3rd, Bergen's Promise staff were encouraged to wear different themes for each day. Promoted by the School Collaboration Team, this weeklong event raised awareness about a variety of issues.

Monday - Black Out Day (Wear all black in support of those affected by school violence)

Tuesday - Pattern Day (Help us change the pattern. Wear one or more patterns to acknowledge the importance of school letters)

Wednesday - Colors for a Cause (Wear blue for Autism Awareness as ASD impacts a large portion of our youth)

Thursday - Twin Day (Dress like a twin and bring him/her to our SCT meeting. We want you to join us!)

Friday - School Spirit Day (Represent your High School or College to recognize the importance of school collaboration)

This activity brought something new and engaging to further unite and raise awareness among our staff! Spirit Week was enjoyed by many, AND spurred other committees to develop creative ideas for their own educational activities.