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BP Hosts "Feed Your Soul"

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

On June 17th, our Cultural Competency Committee (C3) hosted a captivating, cultural experience with delicacies, cuisines and more with the intent to learn about the cultures represented at Bergen’s Promise. Members of our staff prepared food that reflected their own cultural background to share with staff. Each dish was then marked with a sign that stated who made it, the country of origin, and the ingredients. 

Our staff enjoyed making conversation and connections while indulging in a wide spread of food that reflects the diversity of our staff. This was a real educational and immersive event that in turn helps us understand the different cultures of the families we serve as well.  There is no doubt everyone was able to try something new! We thank the generosity of our employees for sharing their cuisines and the dedication of our C3 committee for creating positivity around diversity through food.